Turns your Dropbox into Podcast Hosting

JustCast provides the easiest and fastest way to publish podcast to the web & iTunes from your Dropbox folder.

Simplest way to create RSS feed for your podcast

JustCast is one of those services that once you realize it exists, it’s life changing from a technology perspective.


To create a new Podcast you simply create a new folder in your Dropbox. Any audio files you place into this folder will be available as “episodes” within your podcast feed.
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Sign In

Sign in with Dropbox and grant JustCast access.

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Create Your Podcast

Create a new podcast is as easy as create a new folder inside your dropbox.

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Add New Epsiode

To add the new epsiode, just drag the mp3 file to your Dropbox folder.


Useful statistics about your podcast and episodes include a running subscriber count and download count.

Justcast subscriber count


Qucikly see how many people have subscribed to your podcast. Identify trends with a wide selection of time ranges

Justcast download count


Easily accessible screen depicting how many views for each episode, your most popular epiosdes, and most popular device to listen to your podcast.

Simple Pricing, No Surprises

Choose the podcast hosting plan that best fits your needs.

Tester plan


per month
  • 3 Items in RSS feed
  • 3 Episodes stats
  • Free cancelation
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Pro Plan


per month
  • Unlimited* Items in RSS feed
  • All Episodes stats
  • Free cancelation
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Basic dropbox accounts are limited to 10 GB/day of bandwidth. Paid dropbox accounts have up to 250 GB/day of bandwidth.