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Sunday Messages
Aaron Schappell

Sermons from a Sunday Morning at Cross Road Assembly in Elmhurst.

Sunday Messages (Total: 36 episodes)

Kaleo, "To be Called." Concluding our series, we discover that each of us are "Called to Make Disciples."

Kaleo; "To be Called" - As we explore different callings God gives us, we start with a look at how we are "Called to Care"

Elisha: An Extraordinary Tale of Faith: Extraordinary Provision. Observe the power of our God in the life of a woman who was desperate... God used what she had to give her what she needed.

"Elisha: A Tale of Ridiculous Faith." Today, we explore the faith it takes to take a step before we see results.

"Elisha: A Tale of Ridiculous Faith" - Today, we look at the calling of Elisha and the kind of commitment he showed to follow the Holy Spirit.

A lack of Trust is one of the biggest hindrances to Generosity. This is What We Do.

This is What We Do (week 2) - We Give in our Abundance! Spontaneously, Strategically, Sacrificially!

"THIS is what WE do." We live out Irrational generosity!

As we prepare as a church to embark on 7 days of Prayer and Fasting, let's take a look at why we do it and what it is.

Christmas Eve Service 2017 - Hope Shines Through!