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Sunday Messages
Aaron Schappell

Pastor Aaron's Sermons from a Sunday Morning at Cross Road Assembly in Elmhurst.

Sunday Messages (Total: 17 episodes)

Learning to Follow Attribute #6: Learn to Pray - "Thy Kingdom Come, thy Will be Done."

Learning to Follow Attribute #5: Learn to Love - God's Peace is a result of understanding how much God truly loves us and how much we can rely on Him.

Learning to Follow Attribute #4: Learn to Influence - Because we have been influenced by Jesus, we ourselves must become influencers!

Learning to Follow Attribute #3: Learn to Heal - Today, we focus on the cross to discover from where our healing comes!

Learning to Follow Attribute #2: Learn to Listen

Learning to Follow Attribute 01: Learning to BE with Jesus.

We begin our FOLLOW series with an introduction on what following Jesus really means and how it can (and should) change your life.

"Run Toward the Roar"
As we face our fears and 'run' toward that which scares us the most, God can begin the healing process in our hearts.

"Hope has a Rope"
Heb 6:19 'We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain.' Jesus has taken our hope and anchored it firmly in the 'eternal' things of Heaven. Heaven is our hope! the Holy Spirit He left us is the rope connecting us to eternity. When we follow the Spirit's lead, we keep the slack tight and can feel the tug of eternity's call.

"Standing on Tiptoes at the Edge of Eternity"
Our world is not perfect. There is a 'glitch' in the system and we feel it every time there's a disaster or abuse or arrest or murder. We groan in our spirits. This is a God-given groan that helps us to understand that we were made for more - for perfection. We need to lean into that groan (on tiptoes) and keep our focus on the eternal. Only then will we find peace in the storm.