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Lively discussion on news and issues in and around Bellingham and the Pacific Northwest.
Hosts: Dave Willingam, Tim Johnson, Stephanie Kountouros and guests.
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Cascadia News Now (Total: 71 episodes)

CNN Ep 207 2 21 18


Bellingham Schools Rally and Walkout leaders Mehar Singh and Maggie Davis-Bower share their powerful voices on the day of the rally. Activist and mother, Liz Darrow joins the discussion.

Squalicum Student Adam Carlson speaks at the Bellingham Schools Rally and Walkout.

Student Leader Mejar Singh speaks at the Bellingham Schools Rally and Walkout.

CNN Ep 206 2 07 18


 State Senate Candidate Pinky Vargas gives us her take on key issues in the legislative session, and L&I finds Sarbanand not guilty in the death of Honesto Silva Ibarra. Rosalinda Guillen responds on behalf of immigrant rights advocates.

CNN Ep 205 01 31 18


Gerry Ebalaroza Tunnell on the Let's Talk Workshop, and why "Stretching Our Edges on Race and Privilege" is more important than ever. And we feature the recent 40th LD Town Hall where Representatives Kris Lytton and Jeff Morris discussed their legislative priorities and responded to constituent concerns. 

Guest Hosts Liz Darrow and Michael Vendiola discuss WA State's stronger DACA, Initiative 990 could change laws around police prosecution. Bellingham Tent Encampments, Hirst, and Loot Boxes.  

State Senator Kevin Ranker on carbon emissions and his actions to preserve education and the environment. WA Leg/Budget update And Immigration and Customs Enforcement targets local leader Maru Mora Villalponda for deportation. 
Liz Darrow and Edgar Franks join the hosts.

Washington State Senator Kevin Ranker (42nd LD) champions environment, education and equality with bills to protect orcas, fight bullying, improve schools and champion the carbon tax.

CNN Ep 202 01 10 18


Longtime local activist and human rights leader Barbara Rofkar on the Martin Luther King Jr. Conference, the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, and why this year it's more important than ever to fight for human rights. WA Leg and Carbon Tax Initiative, and the future of public fiber optics, and interview with Jon Humphrey.

Rofkar MLK 1 10 18


Activist and Educator Barbara Rofkar on why it's more important than ever to attend the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force MLK Conference.